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KoKoMo has had a rough week!
I'm a fun guy! Social Isolation isn't for me!

Litter Due Halloween 2022. Still taking applications for this litter.

Rave'N puppies are Home raised Vet. Checked First Series shots Extreme puppy Kit included! Call 402-698-2536 Text to Cell:712-898-0187 E-mail havapom@yahoo.com Pictures posted are past litter

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2/19/20 Beautiful Litter has arrived

Mama Stassi and babies 6 days old
Accepting Holding deposits now Contact Mom

Reds and Brindles 23 days old! Eyes are open!
We are on the GO! Let the games begin!!

Yummy for our tummy this is so good!!
Mind your manners lick the plate clean!!

Daddy Husker Chill'N Let Mom do the work!
I'm a Brindle Havanese Cool Hair!

Stassi & Husker 1st Litter Line em' Up
Beautiful Colors Great little puppies=Loved


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We would like for you to know...
     Our website is committed  to sharing information about our families and the love we have for this unique breed.

     Havanese are great travelers, love children and adults alike.  They are very affectionate, with personalities to dazzle you and their expressions are strangely human like.  In addition to those characteristics, they are highly intelligent, non-shedding, and non-allergenic.  Their coats tend to change as they mature, so we recommend not falling in love with a puppy for its coat color.

     Havanese are little pleasers and want to be involved in family activities.  We believe that it is important for all family members to be involved and informed before deciding on your new family member.  We suggest you do your research and find out as much as possible about the breed.  Your new puppy  will provide you with many years of unconditional love.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

We update this site regularly....so visit often!


Larissa and Lily lounging on the couch