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 The Havanese is a distant relative to the Bichon Frise family. Spanish traders brought the dogs as gifts for Cuban women, which in turn established trading relations with the Cubans.  Owning one of these little darlings was a status symbol of the wealthy and educated in Havana.  Pampered and spoiled, they became very popular, not only as pets, but as performing dogs in the circus.  In the 1960's as many wealthy Cubans migrated to the U.S., Costa Rica and Puerto Rico,  they brought their companions with them as a reminder of their native homeland.   It is written that an experienced breeder, Dorthy Goodale was the one in the United States to really get this breed established.  Her first Havanese lines appeared in 1974 and were an immediate success in attracting other breeders.   Today as people are researching this unique breed, many are adding them to their families.  Havanese have become one of the favorite of the lap dogs....nicknamed by some as the "Velcro" dog,  because of the closeness they want to be to their family.  They can go by the names:  Bichon Havanais or the Silky Havana dog.

Origin:  Cuba or the Mediterranean.


Weight Standard:  7-13 lbs.


Height Standard:   8.5 to 11.5 inches.


Coat:  Non-shedding, non-allergenic, long, flat, & silky soft.


Colors: Many variations, changes through adult coat, white, Cream, Red, Fawn, Parti combinations, gold, silver, chocolate, sable, blue, black and tri-colored.


Temperament:  Havanese are happy, affectionate, intelligent, family oriented, friendly and easily trained.  They are very compatible with all ages.  Get along well with other pets.  Good candidates for therapy training.


Care:  A regular brushing is required.  Long, natural coat required for show.   Puppy coat or trimmed for pets, ease of care and maintanence.  (Personal preference)


Training:  Highly intelligent and eager to learn....Havanese are real pleasers.  Love to entertain....Love tricks for treats!


Special Traits: Family member, therapy, agility, obedience, love to play in the water.


Life Span:  12-14 Years


First Registry:  American Kennel Club  1995 AKC Toy Group


Reference Books:  “Havanese”    By:  Dorthy Goodale

                                “Havanese”    By:  Zoila Portuondo Guerra

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