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We come in different colors.  We are only Four weeks old.....so the bottom of the pile is the best spot.  Keep watching....Mommy will be changing pictures each week! We are really starting to develop our cute little personalities.  Give Mom a call and talk to her...she will tell you all about us! 
                     Not Quite 5 weeks yet........
Well.......Things are really start to shake and stir at our house.......we are really exploring and discovering lots of new things.  Mom has us 'doing our business' on these puppy pad things....and she said we are doing very well for being so young....but we think it would be more fun to play tug of war with them.  We still spend much of the day napping....but do get some good romps and snacks in between time.  This week Mom had us pose for individual pictures.  Some of us cooperated and some of us didn't......but Mom still laughs at us and says we get cuter every day.  Some of us are on reserve until our new potential families can come take a look....we all plan to show off for them when they get here just to mix things up a bit!  We like to keep her on her toes.  When she was brushing us this week she discovered that a couple of us might have a few curls.....Time will tell!   If you are interested......let Mom know!  Until next week Bye-Bye!  We will all be perfecting our next pose!
                      ...........6 Weeks already?
Hard to believe we were 6 weeks old on Saturday.  Thursday we go see Dr. Phil and get our shots and check ups....we will all try to be brave.  We decided not to cooperate when Mom tried to take pictures this week as you will see....and she mentioned something about some of us being nearly 'Mirror twins'....so enjoy the pictures and after Thurday we are ready for visitors...so give Mom a call to come up and see us.  We are becoming great little explorers....she's really starting to put up fences!
.........................Week 7 A very busy week end for us.......
Some of us were pick by our Forever Families.....Mom will post updated pictures of everyone by Tuesday evening.  We had some very nice families come and love us up.....Mom said we all have to take turns.  Oscar, Matti, Brady and Delani all have homes and will join their Forever Families in a couple of weeks.  That means that Ty, Annie, Connor and Broc are still waiting for theirs...if you like the way we look and would like to come for a visit or hear more about us.....just give Mom a call!  We have had many firsts this week...all of a sudden we are learning so many new things.  We can go up and down the stairs.....that was E-Z!  Mom took us outside for this weeks pictures and the cool grass felt so good....we pottied over and over and over...she really was happy!  Then we started  to eat grass...Yukky!  Mom said we will all be sorry later...I wonder what she meant by that?  Well anyway we are working on our playing and having fun.  Also sharing a little bit and chewing on some shoes.  So enjoy the pictures and it won't be long now!  See you next week!  Puppy Love.....
P.S. Mom ran out of space for pictures so you will have to go to the next page...see you there! :)
                      11 weeks.........
We are 11 weeks old now and Connor and Broc are looking for their Forever Families!  We have received great pictures from happily placed siblings......Connor and Broc would love to add theirs.  They enjoy their romps with Mom Mercedes and the older gals.....but they are healthy, happy little buddies that want a family of their own to entertain.  Just call Mom and she will be happy to send more pictures and answer questions about us.