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Pictures taken December 11th.

Available for Immediate Placement for your Holiday Pleasure.....

Black Girl

Right now I am known as Black Girl.  I like to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble.  I look a lot like Lily mama when she was my age.  I wonder if I will turn silver too.  I am the sweetest of the girls and am enjoying life.  I can't wait to get a permanent family who will give me a real name!  I just hope White Boy comes too.

White Boy

Guess what this guy is called?  White Boy.  This little guy keeps getting cuter and sweeter every day.  He also plays body guard for Black Girl.  White Boy also likes to be snuggled and is looking to live with a nice family who will hopefully take Black Girl too.


I'm called “Lil’ Hana” because I look like my canine Aunt Hana.  I am very energetic and fun loving.  I really like to wrestle and play tag with the other puppies.  But, wrestling is exhausting, so I like lots of naps too!  I like to snuggle and give kisses to my people.

Wavy Boy

His current alias is Wavy Boy because his fur is wavy.  This, and his sweet smile, makes him stand out from the others.  He is playful, but not aggressive or rough.  He enjoys being snuggled like a baby.  Wavy would be a great addition as a show dog or a family member.
                         Discount if this pair is adopted together!

Black Girl and White Boy
We are best buds!

Puppies are all current on their shots and have been thoroughly checked by our vet.  Puppies are doing well with potty training by going outside or on potty training pads in emergencies.

             Already Placed......


My name is Murphy, but I was formerly known as Creamy Boy.  I live with my new family in the country.  I have two sisters, a brother and a feline friend.  When it gets warm again, my family will take me camping.  I can't wait!!


I used to be called Tan Cheeks, but now I have a big girl name.....Mandi!  I live in Omaha now and am a city girl.  I have two human sisters that will come to visit during college breaks.  My family camps too.  I can't wait to go camping when it gets warm again!