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Cali & Cisco 2007

                                 December 8 we were born! 
         This was a VALENTINE'S DAY Gift  
                          to Remember!

        News Flash---News Flash----News Flash!!!
As of today February 10, 2008....Cali and Cisco's Pups have all gone to their Forever Families!  Names have been changed and they are all looking forward to Kisses, Cuddles and belly rubs with the Family that they OWN!     Excitement and Love is in the air!

Mateo is my name fun and belly rubs are my games!
My new Mom's name is Shari too...She is coming to get me!

Afton has a new family & a new name...Meet TASHA
I am ready to make some memories...Are you?

Diego I'm all yours! The Perfect Valentine!
Come and get me and I will do he rest....Love Fest!

Meet Diego
One of two boys! Available...Kissy with black,white,silver

Mateo 7 weeks old Handsome and on HOLD!
Mateo looking for love in all the right places!

Meet Mateo
Some cream, alot of tan and personality plus! On Hold!

Bella HOLD
Bella says get out of my picture MATEO!

                             My new Mom came to see me today!
                                It will be loads of love and kisses!

Meet Miss Bella
Red/Sable ON HOLD!

New name for Chula...IZZY..........
We are all having a great time together!

Chula on HOLD
Mom....Mateo is hogging my picture too!

      I met part of my family today!
         They are Awesome!  Yippeee!

Now Miss Millie.....as sweet as she is cute!
Mommy Cali just gave me a lick bath...it's so relaxing!

Meet Miss Rosa
I have tan ears and mostly Pearl

Big day for Afton.Now Tasha!
I dream of a couple that wants a small package...yet big LOVE and will take me everywhere!

Big girl in a small package!

New name...Sydney..I like it!
I am going to make my family very happy!

Mom says I am going to be a real beauty! Chula get out of my picture....Mom..tell her to move!

                       Good News!  My new Mom just put me on HOLD!!!

My name is Bailey!
We are all one big happy family!

Sierra on Hold!!!
Sweet Sierra, kisses, cuddles and more!

Meet Miss Sierra
As sweet as I am cute...Nope...I'm taken!

We are all so lucky to find such great families! 
this is one of those we will all live happily ever after stories!

Watch us grow and glow! 

Cali and Cisco family